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About Us


Welcome to Essence Sourcing, your gateway to the authentic flavors of Afghanistan. We're on a mission to enrich the lives of Afghan farmers by connecting them directly to global markets, ensuring they receive fair compensation. Our commitment is to introduce the world to Afghanistan's unique spice offerings, preserving a heritage rooted in quality. Join us on this flavorful journey as we support a more prosperous future for communities in Afghanistan.

Vision Statement

Essence Sourcing's vision focuses on enhancing the economic status of Afghan farmers by directly connecting them with global markets for fair compensation and a more prosperous community future. Additionally, we aim to introduce Afghanistan's rich flavors to global kitchens, allowing chefs and food enthusiasts to savor the authentic essence of our carefully harvested spices. Our commitment is to share and preserve Afghanistan's traditional spice story, rooted in quality and heritage, for future generations.


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Direct Sourcing & Exporting

We pride ourselves on directly sourcing premium Afghan spices and efficiently handling their export to the global market. Our process ensures top-quality products for our clients while supporting Afghan farmers with fair access to international opportunities.

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Custom Spice Blends & Packaging

Exclusively available to our top customers, we offer bespoke services to create custom spice blends and personalized packaging. Tailored to meet specific culinary and branding needs, these services deliver unique flavor profiles and distinctive packaging designs that resonate with your brand identity.

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Agricultural Consultation & Support

Dedicated to the growth and success of our farming partners, we provide agricultural consultation and support, exclusively to our top customers. This includes sharing sustainable farming practices and modern techniques to enhance both yield and quality, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.


Our Afghan Spices Collection Delve into the rich flavors of saffron, cardamom, cumin, sesame, and black seed – the essence of Afghan cuisine.

Afghan Treasure:
Select Saffron Threads

Discover the luxury of ‘Premium Saffron Threads,’ harvested from Afghanistan's sun-kissed fields. These vivid crimson strands are a culinary gem, perfect for enhancing dishes like paella, risotto, and biryani, as well as teas and desserts. Each thread, carefully handpicked, delivers unparalleled richness and a taste of Afghan heritage.

Saffron Threads

Sesame Duo:
Premium Seeds & Pure Oil

Explore the Sesame Duo each available individually. Our sesame seeds, sourced for their rich, nutty flavor, are ideal for enhancing a variety of culinary creations. The pure, refined sesame oil, perfect for dressings and marinades, complements these seeds. Both products, sold separately, represent a commitment to tradition and quality, bringing an exotic touch to your product line.

Sesame Seeds

Black Seed Harmony:
Premium Seeds & Pure Oil

Discover our Afghan Black Seed Collection, featuring Premium Seeds and Pure Oil, available for individual purchase. Our black seeds are renowned for their health benefits, making them perfect for nutritional supplements and culinary uses. Additionally, we offer pure, cold-pressed black seed oil, a key component in health and wellness products. While each complements the other, they are sold separately, catering to diverse needs in dietary supplements and unique culinary applications.

Black Seeds

Green Gold:
Premium Cardamom

Experience ‘Premium Cardamom,’ a testament to Afghanistan's fertile valleys. Each pod offers a unique blend of sweet and spicy notes, enhancing South Asian dishes and global recipes. This cardamom is also prized in specialty beverages and natural health remedies, adding a touch of luxury and heritage to every use​​.

Cardamon Seeds

Classic Cumin:
Authentic Flavor

‘Classic Cumin’ captures the rich, earthy depths of Afghanistan's culinary traditions. Handpicked for flavor and aroma, this cumin is indispensable in a range of global cuisines. Its robust flavors enhance everything from stews to grilled meats, while its health benefits make it a staple in wellness practices​​.

Cumin Seeds & Powder

Bulk Premium Peanut Oil:
Golden Standard

‘Premium Peanut Oil’ is designed for large-scale culinary operations. Extracted from select grade peanuts, it's celebrated for its light, clear texture and nutty flavor. Ideal for high-heat cooking, it's also a perfect base for dressings and marinades, aligning with health-conscious trends in the food service industry​​.

Peanut Oil Seeds & Powder

Bulk Premium Walnut Oil:
Richly Harvested

‘Premium Walnut Oil’ is crafted for businesses seeking versatile, high-quality oils. Extracted from the finest walnuts, it adds a gourmet touch to a variety of dishes with its deep nutty essence. Valued for its nutritional profile, this oil is ideal for enhancing the taste of baked goods and salads, and is a nutritious choice for food services​​.

Cumin Seeds & Powder

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